Lingenfelter Corvette
Lingenfelter Corvette
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Note: we are not Lingenfelter, we are just fans of Lingenfelter cars! To contact Lingenfelter, please visit their website:

Lingenfelter Corvette

A showcase of Lingenfelter Corvettes
by owner, Lingenfelter special project
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  Lingenfelter Cars

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New Lingenfelter Corvettes

Dennis - 427 Engine Conversion
Jelena - 500+ HP Power Package
Wayne - Lingenfelter 402
Chris - Lingenfelter M112
Felix - 427 Twin Turbo
Jason - Lingenfelter M122
George - Lingenfelter 427
Franz - Lingenfelter Basics
Jeffrey - Lingenfelter M112
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Lingenfelter Packages

C6 ZR1 LS9 2009-2011 (1)
C6 Z06 LS7 2006-2011 (5)
C6 LS3 2008-2011 (6)
C6 LS2 2005-2007 (8)
C5 LS1, LS6 ZO6 1997-2004 (10)
C4 LT1, LT4 1992-1996 (2)
C4 ZR1 1990-1995 (3)
Body Kits (3)
Interior Packages (1)
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Lingenfelter ZR1 Quarter Mile

Watch this Lingenfelter ZR1 power through the quarter mile in HD!

This Corvette manages to pull off a 9.81 @ 145MPH in a mad dash down the strip. This car has had several runs and several YouTube videos in the 10's, but here's the first time the car made it well into the 9's. The car, as it was tuned before was making 739RWHP and 720RWTQ, with relatively light mods compared to other projects.

This is an impressive feat for the Lingenfelter team and for the ZR1 as a powerhouse american car.

See the specs for the 'standard' ZR1 upgrade package here.

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Lingenfelter Corvette
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